Place In Orbit is an extensive, long-term project and students will be working on the realisation of its first stage. Through this project, students will get a chance to work on creating satellite-inspired interactive objects that can communicate with each other and with the visitors in an exhibition space. Students will experiment using lights, sounds, sensors, projections, and augmented reality to create the installation. Organised for Bangalore Fantastic, a 3-day public focused event, this installation will be centred around India’s historic launch of over 100 satellites into outer space. Students will work with testing materials and sensors and they will be guided to build physical objects and make them share streams of data. Students will also experiment with virtual 3D objects that can be used for the AR-layer. 
The CubeSat's which were to be designed were required to be of the similar specification of the actual 3U CubeSat's which were launched during PSLV-C37. The form of the CubeSat was finalised with rough sketches. The structure, as well as dimensions, were kept similar to maintain the realism of the piece. 
Once the basic design of the structure and the form was finalised, the 3D modelling of the CubeSats started. The assemblies were mapped out and a 3D representation of the CubeSat was created. The model consisted of multiple components which were assembled together using screws and bolts.
After the design was finalised. The technical drawings were created for the components as well as the CubeSats which were later handed over to Dove Tail Furniture Pvt Ltd who took the production forward. 

The pieces were manufactured in a few days and then assembled. The final frames were ready and then the only part left was adding the details. The side panels were covered with acrylic sheets. 
The Front and Back Panels were created using spray painted MDF as well as 3D printed caps. The pieces were modelled using Fusion 360 and then 3D printed; the MDF pieces were laser cut so that all the pieces were precise.
These are a compilation of pictures clicked during the exhibition where the CubeSats were displayed

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